Rating and Reviewing Recipes

You can now leave a star rating and review on any recipe on yummly.com.


What does each star level mean on the recipe ratings?

Five stars is the highest rating and one star is the lowest. Here are some general guidelines:

  • 5 Stars = Outstanding!
  • 4 Stars = Really liked it
  • 3 Stars = Liked it/average
  • 2 Stars = Not great/just okay
  • 1 Star = Didn't like it

Do I have to write comments to go along with my review?

Yes, we require at least 100 characters of review text to go along with a recipe rating. Share things like how easy/difficult it was, any changes you made, would you make it again, etc. 

What are the "thumbs up" on the reviews?

The thumbs up button allows you to tell us and other users which reviews you find helpful. Reviews on recipes are sorted by most helpful by default, but can also be viewed in order of recency.

What do I do if I have a concern about a review?

If a review is spam or inappropriate you can flag the review by clicking the flag symbol under the review and marking it accordingly. We will look at the review and remove it if necessary.

How do I edit or delete my review?

When you hover your mouse over your review, an edit button will show. Click that and make your edits and then save or click delete to completely delete a review. Note: if you delete your review, it cannot be recovered.

How do I upload a profile photo so that it shows on my review?

You can upload a photo in profile settings by clicking "edit" and then selecting a square photo. If you use a non-square photo, we will automatically crop the image to a square, which will cut out a portion of the photo.