Recipe Search Result Problems

Incorrect Recipes Come Up After Setting Filters or Taste Preferences

We may have the imported the recipe information on to our site incorrectly. If a recipe came up in your search results or recipe recommendations when it shouldn't have, please submit a request. Make sure to include:

  • The recipe name and link
  • What you searched for and the search filters you used
  • Why you believe the recipe came up in your search results incorrectly

Yummly Search Results Don’t Match My Google Search

We're aware of the issue and are actively working to resolve problems that appear when arriving from search engine results into Yummly.

However, if you start your search in Yummly you can search across many of the major recipe sites and food blogs. You can then filter your results by excluding ingredients within your Yummly search using our unique search filters.

We'd love for you to try searching within Yummly. We are building new functionality all the time and appreciate feedback -- good and bad. You can share your feedback with us by submitting a request.