Recipe Problems

Link to View Full Directions Doesn’t Work

If the “Read Full Directions” link isn’t working, restart your browser then make sure:

  • You are using one of the following browsers we support: Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge or Opera
  • Your browser is up to date
  • Javascript is enabled in your browser

Yum Button Doesn’t Work

This sometimes means that you have Widget or Ad Block browser extensions installed. If you are having trouble saving Yummed recipes, we advise trying this with such extensions disabled.


Nutrition Facts are Missing

We don't display nutrition information for recipes when we feel that we don't have enough information to show it accurately. Most of our recipes do have nutrition displayed though! Try exploring different recipes from more sources and you will start seeing full nutrition.

Still having issues? If you have checked these and are still unable to view the directions, please contact support and include:

  • The link of the recipe you are referring to
  • Your device and browser
  • A brief explanation of the issue you are having