Smart Shopping List

The Yummly Smart Shopping List is the perfect way to plan out your next trip to the store. When you find a recipe that you’d like to make, you can easily add the specific ingredients you need to purchase or you can add all of the ingredients to your shopping list.

On your iPad, look at your Shopping List by Category or by Recipe!

Adding Ingredients to your Shopping List

You can add all of the ingredients from a recipe to your Shopping List by pressing the "All to List" link on the recipe.

If you don't want to add all of the ingredients in the recipe just press the '+' icon next to the ingredients you want to add.

Find Recipes Based on your Shopping List

The Smart Shopping List on your iPad can also help you identify additional recipes to make based on the ingredients you are bringing home.

Sharing your Shopping List

Share your Shopping List with your family and friends through Email or Text Message by pressing the Share button at the top of the Shopping List.

The Shopping List will sync between devices as long as you are signed in to the same account on each device. To share your Shopping List and have your friend or family member edit and add items, make sure you are both signed in to the same Yummly account.