You can organize the recipes in your Recipe Box by adding them to your own Collections, making it easier to find the recipes later.


How to Create a Collection:

  • There are a few ways to create a Collection in your Recipe Box
    • On the Collections page in your profile:
      • Select ‘+ Create new collection’
      • Enter the Collection name
      • Press Enter
    • After Yumming a recipe:
      • Press the ‘Yum’ button
      • Select the ‘New collection’ link
      • Enter the Collection name
      • Press Enter

How to Edit or Delete a Collection:

  • On the Collections page in your profile, click on the collection you wish to Edit or delete
  • Edit the Name and/or Description by clicking into the text box, making changes and hitting Enter to save changes
  • Use the ‘Delete Collection’ option in the upper right hand corner to remove the Collection