Add Recipes from around the web

The Yummly bookmarklet and browser extensions let you add your favorite recipes from other sites to your Recipe Box. Once you’ve added them to your browser toolbar, you can browse to any recipe on the web and save it to your Yummly Recipe Box simply by clicking on the "Yum" or Yummly Y in your toolbar.

You should immediately see the recipe card in your Recipe Box with a link to the webpage used to add the recipe. Once processed, the recipe placeholder card will become a recipe on Yummly. This can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days if this is a recipe added for the first time.

If you are a recipe publisher and want your recipes on Yummly, get the Yum button!


How to Get the Browser Extension:


  1. In Safari, click here to instantly download the extension. Then, select the download and click "Install".
  2. In Firefox, click here to instantly download the extension and click "Install Now".
  3. For Chrome, we currently do not offer the extension but we are working to get this back.


How to Get the Bookmarklet on your desktop browser:

  1. Make sure the bookmark toolbar in your browser is visible
  1. Drag the Bookmarklet icon into your bookmark toolbar
  2. After you find a recipe on the internet you want to add, click the ‘Yum’ bookmarklet in your toolbar
  3. View the recipe added in your Yummly Recipe Box

How to Get the Bookmarklet on your iPhone or iPad:

The Yum bookmarklet is now available automatically on your Safari browser!

  1. When using Safari and on a recipe that you would like to Yum, use the bottom bar menu that come up when scrolling, and click on the icon that looks like a page with the up arrow.
  2. If you do not see "Yum" as an option here, scroll to the right and tap on "More". When here, make sure that the Yum option is turned on.
  3. Once turned on, you should always see this option to Yum in the bottom menu and you can just tap on that button to automatically add the recipe to your recipe box.


Having issues?

If you are having trouble adding a recipe to Yummly, here are some possible reasons a recipe will not process into a searchable recipe on Yummly:

  • Ingredients are misspelled.
  • The recipe contains ingredients we don't have in our database yet.
  • Ingredients and prep steps are listed in a non-typical manner.
  • Microformats are used incorrectly with things tagged wrong.

If there are no typos on the recipe but it still isn't processing, send a request to our support team and include the url of the recipe you are trying to add to Yummly.