Organize your recipes into collections. “Desserts To Die For.” “A Million Pasta-bilities.” “The Whole Enchilada.” Group your favorite recipes, add to them, and call them whatever you like. They’re like little cookbooks!




Just click the Yum button on any recipe. This will automatically add it to "All Yums", but you can also add it to a specific recipe collection by selecting an existing collection or creating a new one.


How to Create a Collection:

  • There are a few ways to create a Collection in your Recipe Box
    • On the Collections page in your profile:
      • Select ‘+ Create new collection’
      • Enter the Collection name
      • Press Enter
    • After Yumming a recipe:
      • Press the ‘Yum’ button
      • Select the ‘New collection’ link
      • Enter the Collection name
      • Press Enter

How to Edit or Delete a Collection:

  • On the Collections page in your profile, click on the collection you wish to Edit or delete
  • Edit the Name and/or Description by clicking into the text box, making changes and hitting Enter to save changes
  • Use the ‘Delete Collection’ option in the upper right hand corner to remove the Collection