Recipe Pages

Yum Button

Add a recipe to your Recipe Box by pressing the Yum Button or by swiping left on the recipe to open the Collection drawer and tapping the checkbox for “Add to Yums”. Additionally, any recipe that you add to a Collection is automatically yummed.

To remove a Yum from your Recipe Box, simply press the Yum Button on the recipe and then press Confirm to remove the recipe from your Yums.

Number Next to the Yum Button

You can see how many times the recipe has been Yummed by other Yummly users.


View the Ingredients of the recipe


View the Nutrition facts of the recipe, calculated for 1 serving. The serving size of the recipe is taken from the source site of the recipe.


To get directions, you tap the directions tab on the far right of the recipe page. This will open up the full recipe from the original recipe source.

Share the Recipe

Press the Share button at the top of the recipe, and share it with your family and friends via Email, Text Message, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Google+.

Add to a Collection

Press the Collections icon at the top of the recipe next to the Share icon and select the Collection you want to add the recipe to.