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Search for recipes with our unique search filters!

You can use the ‘With Ingredients’ filter when you want to find recipes with your favorite ingredients, or when you have food in your fridge and you’re not sure what to make with them!

Alternatively, you can use the ‘Without Ingredients’ filter to search for recipes without ingredients you don’t like.

To find recipes according to your diet, select your preferred diet with our Diets filter. If you also set your taste preferences, the Diets will already be automatically set.

If you have a food allergy, you can use our Allergies filter to exclude recipes that have ingredients you are allergic to.

You can also use the Nutrition filter to search for recipes with lower Cholesterol or Carbs. Use our Techniques filter to search for recipes to try out new cooking techniques or select a technique you prefer.

We have several other search filters you can use to personalize and specify your recipe search, such as Cook Time, Courses, and Cuisines.

Ingredient Substitutions

Substitutions are done in two ways: The first is using common knowledge like baking soda can be replaced with baking powder and salt. The second way is done by looking at the ingredients in all of our recipes and figuring out where one ingredient can be replaced by another. However, we do not currently calculate the exact proportion of the substitutions.


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