Just for You Recommendations

The ‘Just For You’ section of your profile shows top recommended recipes based on your taste preferences and your previous ‘Yummed’ (saved) recipes. You will receive recipe recommendations after you've Yummed at least 5 recipes. 


As a Yummly user, you will receive recipe recommendations personalized for you based on your set Taste Preferences and your previously saved recipes. Every time you ‘Yum’ a recipe, your recommendations will be updated, and a notification will pop up next to the ‘Just For You’ tab at the top of the screen. You will also receive "Just for You" recipe recommendation emails!

You can improve your recipe recommendations by ‘Yumming’ more recipes. The more you Yum, the better they get! Save a variety of recipes to your Recipe Box to receive different recipe recommendations.

Having problems with your recipe recommendations? If you are seeing recipes that don’t match your taste preferences, submit a request and let us know. Please include:

  • What your set taste preferences are
  • Why the recipe doesn’t match your search
  • A link to the recipe