Tips for Writing Recipe Reviews & Recipe Images

Let the Yummly community know what you liked or disliked and how the recipe can be improved!

Things to consider mentioning:

  • How did it taste?
  • Did your family like it?
  • Was it quick and easy or more time consuming and difficult?
  • Did you feel the need to make any changes? What were these changes?
  • Would you make the recipe again?

Be polite and kind.
All of the recipes on Yummly were created by someone passionate about cooking. While you should be honest about your experience with the recipe, do not be rude or unnecessarily negative. 

...but also be honest!
Don't be afraid to write your honest comments and rate the stars according to your experience with this recipe. You are not rating the recipe submitter but the recipe itself.
Also, leaving inaccurate reviews for recipes your friends have posted is not helpful. 

Reviews are not the place to ask questions or point out a typo.
If you want to ask the recipe creator a question or just to let them know that you think their recipe sounds great, click off to the full directions and leave them a comment on their website. If you see something wrong with the recipe on Yummly, let us know via email (rather than in a review) so we can fix it! Just click the text "See a problem? Let us know" on the recipe page.


Image Review Rules

Your image should display that you actually made the recipe; which could include steps of the recipe preparation process, ingredients included in the recipe, or the completed dish. The focal point of the photo should always be food. 

Unacceptable Images

  • contain nudity or partial nudity 
  • portray hate or hate crimes 
  • contain violence 
  • contain offensive gestures or language 
  • contain drugs, drug paraphernalia, or drug use 
  • Appear blank or broken
  • Selfies, People photos without the recipe food in the shot